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Trip of My Life

RWB Porsche New Year Meeting 2013

10 January 2013

Tokyo, Japan


Thank you RWB Japan for the best host with hospitality, we are RWB Thailand who are parted of RWB by Nakai-san. Last December 2012, Chin,boss of RWB Thailand, called me and said that Nakai and his crews invited us to join the New Year Party 2013 in Roppongi Hill. I am so glad to join this party and say "yes I will go".

We are so exciting for all of RWB Cars that come and parking at Roppongi Hill. In the winter time, the temperature is around 5-6 C and for us who came from 35-40 C. Ohhhhh So cold but we love it.  All Thais are shooting photos by camera and by iphone. Their are so many RWB photos all over the world in that time.




BMW F10 JGlaze New Series 5

I just sit on the coldest road in the parking lot for shooting this shot but the feeling of nice shot! is more than the tempurature that passed through my pants.    
Masugima san, the owner of RWB 964 RS.    
The night at Roppongi Hills .    
very Candy.    
This is very full option of RWB body kits.    
Akira Nakai is the best of show for this event.    
930 is very popular as this 911 SC with very bloody red paint.    
964 with the Blue color is cool color, one of the candy colors.    
930 RWB the most famous in Japan now.    
Look at all wings of RWB types.    

RWB Narrow Style is going back home. This is not a quite leaving , you should know that the sound of RWB Porsche is not a normal or standard.